Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

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Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Happiness Charge Pretty Cure 2018.jpg
Katakana ハピネスチャージプリキュア!
Romaji Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua!
Director Nagamine Tatsuya
Series Composition Narita Yoshimi
Character Design Sato Masayuki
Music Takaki Hiroshi
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi (Japan)
AniOne (South Korea)
Run February 2, 2014 - January 25, 2015
Episodes 49
Opening Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! WOW!
Ending Pretty Cure・Memory
Party Has Come

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! (ハピネスチャージプリキュア!, Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua!) is the eleventh anime series of the Pretty Cure franchise. Directed by Nagamine Tatsuya and produced by Toei Animation, the series premiered on TV Asahi February 2, 2014, succeeding Doki Doki! Pretty Cure in its time slot. The series' themes are mirrors, fashion, dancing, form-changing and romance, in a scenario where Pretty Cure teams exist internationally and are known over the news.

The season celebrates the franchise's 10th anniversary.


All around the world, Pretty Cures have been fighting against the invasion of the enemy known as Saiark! Hime Shirayuki, the princess of Blue Sky Kingdom is, in fact, a Pretty Cure, but unable to defeat the enemy alone, she is fallen behind the others and is in a quite a terrible situation. Then, on her quest to find a partner, she meets Megumi Aino (Cure Lovely), they form a team called Happiness Charge Pretty Cure. Later in the story, they are joined by Cure Honey (Yuko Omori) and Cure Fortune (Iona Hikawa), they fight against the Phantom Empire, defeat the Saiarks and collect all PreCards to fulfill their wish! With the dress-up theme beloved by girls, a completely different Pretty Cure story begins!


For a list of episodes, see Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! episodes



Pretty Cure

Character Voice actor
CureLovely Main.png Megumi Aino / Cure Lovely
(JP) 愛乃 めぐみ (Aino Megumi)
(JP) Nakajima Megumi
Megumi is the protagonist whose redeeming features are her happy-go-lucky attitude and smile. When people who feel troubled or depressed and want to be left alone, she unintentionally meddles in their issues. Though she is awkward/tactless, and her attempts at helping others often end in failure, she thoroughly looks to the positive and is skilled at seeing the good in people. She has an interest in cute fashion, but her fashion sense is not exactly the best. Her standard signature color is pink, and she can change into two alternate forms, the red "Cherry Flamenco" (チェリーフラメンコ Cherī Furamenko) and the yellow "Lollipop Hip Hop" (ロリポップヒップホップ Roripoppu Hippu Hoppu).
CurePrincess Main.png Hime Shirayuki / Cure Princess
(JP) 白雪 ひめ (Shirayuki Hime)
(JP) Han Megumi
Hime is the princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, a rather selfish and spoiled fashion victim. To save the Blue Sky Kingdom from being totally ruled by the evil organization of the Phantom Kingdom, she becomes a Pretty Cure, except she is easily scared and will immediately try to escape from in the middle of fights. Because of her shyness, she never had friends until meeting Megumi. Her standard signature color is light blue, and she can change into two alternate forms, the dark blue "Sherbet Ballet" (シャーベットバレエ Shābetto Baree) and the green "Macadamia Hula Dance" (マカダミアフラダンス Makadamia Fura Dansu). She is represented by circles, the Moon, the Sun and feathers.
CureHoney Main.png Yuko Omori / Cure Honey
(JP) 大森 ゆうこ (Ōmori Yūko)
(JP) Kitagawa Rina
Yuko is Megumi's friend and classmate. She has this snugly and fluffy atmosphere about her, so she has a soothing personality that calms her surroundings. Her home is a lunch store, so she loves eating and making food. Her standard signature color is yellow, and she can change into the blue and red "Popcorn Cheer" (ポップコーンチアー Poppukōn Chiā) and orange "Coconut Samba" (ココナッツ サンバ Kokonattsu Sanba). She is represented by clovers.
CureFortune Main.png Iona Hikawa / Cure Fortune
(JP) 氷川いおな (Hikawa Iona)
(JP) Tomatsu Haruka
Iona is a Pretty Cure who helps the weak and has a strong sense of justice and a gentleness when she consoles people. Her parents disappeared around the time Saiarks started appearing. With her sense of duty as a Cure and her excellent fighting skills, she goes on her own to bring down the Saiark one by one. Her standard signature color is purple. In episode 19, Iona revealed to the Cures that she is Cure Fortune. She can change into the two alternate forms, the pink and blue "Anmitsu Komachi" (あんみつ小町 Anmitsu Komachi) and the turquoise and yellow "Pine Arabian" (パインアラビア Paīn Arabia). She is represented by stars.


Character Voice actor


Character Voice actor

Supporting Characters

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  • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! is the first season of Pretty Cure to introduce other currently active Pretty Cure teams besides the main one, with the International Pretty Cures.
  • This is the first season to feature a "passing the torch" scene, with Cure Lovely passing it to Cure Flora, the lead Cure for Go! Princess Pretty Cure. This is inspired by the Hand-Off Super Sentai tradition. Seasons following Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! would do this from here on out.
  • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! is the first season to have just one eyecatch.
  • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! has the largest number of Cures in a season (counting Cure Tender, Cure Mirage and the international Cures).

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