Healin' Good Pretty Cure

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Healin' Good Pretty Cure
Healin Good Pretty Cure.jpg
Katakana ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア
Romaji Hīrin Guddo♥Purikyua
Director Ikeda Yoko
Series Composition Komura Junko
Character Design Yamaoka Naoko
Music Terada Shiho
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi (Japan)
YOYO TV (Taiwan)
Run February 2, 2020 - February 21, 2021
Episodes 45
Opening Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure Touch!!
Ending Miracle tto♥Link Ring!
Everybody☆Healin' Good Day!

Healin' Good Pretty Cure (ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア, Hīrin Guddo♥Purikyua) is the seventeenth anime series of the Pretty Cure franchise. Directed by Ikeda Yoko and produced by Toei Animation, the series premiered on TV Asahi on February 2, 2020, succeeding Star Twinkle Pretty Cure in its time slot.

The series' themes are health, nature, and animals.


The Healing Garden, a secret world that has provided treatment to heal the Earth,
is under attack by the Byogens, who plan to infect Earth with an illness,
putting it in great danger!
To solve this crisis,
the three medical trainees of Earth, known as the Healing Animals,
along with Latte, who holds a special power as the Princess of the Healing Garden,
escape in search of their partners!
Three ordinary girls come across the group by chance,
and together, they transform into Pretty Cure and take on the Byogens!
Pretty Cure, with the desire in their hearts to protect Latte, who lost energy after sensing the Byogen's attack,
along with their precious Earth and each and every living thing here,
now must join forces to treat the Earth!
Now Start! Pretty Cure Operation!


For a list of episodes, see Healin' Good Pretty Cure episodes



Pretty Cure

Character Voice actor
CureGrace Main.png Nodoka Hanadera / Cure Grace
(JP) 花寺のどか (Hanadera Nodoka)
(JP) Yuuki Aoi
Nodoka is a second year middle school student who just moved to Sukoyaka City. She's very calm and goes at her own pace, and strives to try many different things, but doesn't have the athletic ability to accomplish most of them. Above all this, she has a very kind heart and just wants to be of use to someone. When impressed, she often says "Woah~" (「ふわあ~」). Together with Rabirin, Nodoka can transform into the Pretty Cure of Flowers, Cure Grace (キュアグレース).
CureFontaine Main.png Chiyu Sawaizumi / Cure Fontaine
(JP) 沢泉ちゆ (Sawaizumi Chiyu)
(JP) Yorita Natsu
Chiyu is a second year middle school student who lives a hygienic and cheerful lifestyle. She's the older sister type who, if she sees anything wrong, will do anything to help. She's very serious with a strong sense of responsibility, and will try to do everything herself. She is sporty, being the ace of the school's track and field team, and smart as well, especially when it comes to science. Her family runs a hot spring inn. Together with Pegitan, Chiyu can transform into the Pretty Cure of Water, Cure Fontaine (キュアフォンテーヌ).
CureSparkle Main.png Hinata Hiramitsu / Cure Sparkle
(JP) 平光ひなた (Hiramitsu Hinata)
(JP) Kouno Hiyori
Hinata is a bright, outgoing and friendly second year middle school student. She tends to speak her mind, relevant or not. She is a honest girl, always apologising once she realizes she did something wrong. She isn't good at studying. She absolutely loves fashion and cosmetics but is so fond of it that she isn't great at judging it fairly. She has a habit of saying "Really" (「めっちゃ」) a lot and her family runs an animal clinic and a cafe. Together with Nyatoran, Hinata transforms into the Pretty Cure of Light, Cure Sparkle (キュアスパークル).
CureEarth Main.png Asumi Fuurin / Cure Earth
(JP) 風鈴アスミ (Fūrin Asumi)
(JP) Mimori Suzuko
Asumi is a spirit who was born through the power of the Earth as a human in response to Teatinu's prayers. She looks to be 20 years old but is actually a "newborn" who doesn't understand anything about being human. She is mysterious yet always has a smile on her face. Together with Latte, Asumi can transform into the Pretty Cure of Wind, Cure Earth (キュアアース).


Character Voice actor


Character Voice actor

Supporting Characters

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  • Healing Stick (ヒーリングスティック) is the transformation item that also doubles up as the weapon of the series. In order to transform with it, the girls must have their Healing Animal partners and their transformation Element Bottle. To activate their transformations, they must say the phrase Start! Pretty Cure Operation!.
  • Element Bottle (エレメントボトル) is the collectible items of the season. There are four transformation Element Bottles that the girls use to transform.
  • Healing Room Bag (ヒーリングルームバッグ) is a bag that the Healing Animals can live in.
  • Earth Windy Harp (アースウィンディハープ) is Cure Earth's main weapon.
  • Healin' Good Arrow (ヒーリングっどアロー) is a magical arrow-like syringe that the Cures use to perform their group attack.


  • Sukoyaka City (すこやか市?) is the city that the series takes place in.
  • Healing Garden (ヒーリングガーデン?) is Latte and the Healing Animals' home.


This article is a stub, or still under construction. It needs expansion.


This article is a stub, or still under construction. It needs expansion.


  • This is the first season where the girls transform using wands.
    • It is also the first season to have fairies directly participate in battles by becoming part of the weapons.
  • On April 20th, it was announced that the show would go on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, reruns of the already aired episodes were shown during the regular time slot. It resumed its usual schedule on June 28th. This resulted in several events happening:
    • The season was shortened to 45 episodes, making Healin' Good the shortest season in the franchise and the only one to get 45 episodes.
    • The season ended on February 21st, making it the latest that a season has ended.
    • Its movie, which would have been released in fall 2020, would instead be released in March 2021 because the rescheduled Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: Min'na to no Fushigi na 1 Nichi was released instead.
      • As a result, this makes Healin' Good the first season whose standalone movie would be released after the season ends, as Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure would be airing at that time.
  • This is the only season so far to give the non-Cure mascots official birthdays.
  • The season's title is a portmanteau of Healing and Feeling Good.
  • Each episode ends with a short game involving either the Element Spirit featured in the episode or one of the Healing Animals.
  • Healin' Good was almost named Cure Touch Pretty Cure but was changed since Cure was said twice in the title.[1]
  • This is the first season that doesn't contain a Christmas episode.
  • This is the first season since Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! to not contain a time skip.

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