Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!

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Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!
Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure 2018.png
Katakana 魔法つかいプリキュア!
Romaji Mahō Tsukai Purikyua!
Director Mitsuka Masato
Series Composition Murayama Isao
Character Design Miyamoto Emiko
Music Takaki Hiroshi
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi (Japan)
AniOne (South Korea)
Run February 7, 2016 - January 29, 2017
Episodes 50
Opening Dokkin♢Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!
Dokkin♢Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Part2
Ending CURE UP↑RA♡PA☆PA! ~Magic That Turns Into Smiles~
Dreams are the Path to the Future
The Right Way To Use Magic (38 - 39)
Magic À La・Thanks! (22 - 37; 40 - 50) The Right Way To Use Magic (38 - 39)

Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! (魔法つかいプリキュア!, Mahō Tsukai Purikyua!), officially translated as "Maho Girls Pretty Cure!", sometimes also called "Witchy PreCure!", is the thirteenth anime series of the Pretty Cure franchise. Directed by Mitsuka Masato and produced by Toei Animation, the series premiered on TV Asahi on February 7, 2016, succeeding Go! Princess Pretty Cure in its time slot.

The series' themes are sorcery, gemstones, and centrally friendship. It takes place in both the No Magic World and the Magic World, with the main characters travelling back and forth between them.


Mirai Asahina, a soon-to-be student in junior high, witnesses an object fall from the sky one night during spring break. Excitedly exclaiming that it could be a witch, Mirai sets off the next morning with her beloved teddy bear Mofurun to search the park. At the park, Mirai witnesses a girl soaring through the air on a broom. Excited and curious, Mirai barrages the girl with questions. The young witch introduces herself as Riko and explains that she's come to the "No Magic" World to search for certain objects. The two girls notice that they're wearing similar pendants.

Meanwhile, Batty, a companion of Dokurokushe the Wizard of Darkness, appears in front of Mirai and Riko! Batty demands that Riko hand over the "Linkle Stone Emerald", which Riko herself had been looking for. To make things worse, Batty uses dark magic to create a monster known as a Yokubaru! Mirai, Riko, and Mofurun join hands. With the magic words "Cure Up RaPaPa!", their pendants shine a magical light over them! The legendary witches "Pretty Cure" are born!


For a list of episodes, see Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! episodes



Pretty Cure

Character Voice actor
CureMiracle Main.png Mirai Asahina / Cure Miracle
(JP) 朝日奈みらい (Asahina Mirai)
(JP) Takahashi Rie
Mirai is a thirteen-year-old girl who is just about to enter her second year in middle school. She's strange, lovely, funny and an energetic girl who is interested in many things. Now that she can transform into a Pretty Cure, Mirai is given the opportunity to attend a "magic school". Her goal is to study the magic she loves and to gain Riko's admiration. Her alter ego is the legendary witch, Cure Miracle whose theme color is pink.
CureMagical Main.png Riko Izayoi / Cure Magical
(JP) 十六夜リコ (Izayoi Riko)
(JP) Horie Yui
Riko is a thirteen-year-old girl who attends a magic school. Although she is great at studying, her magic is very weak so she hopes to become a respectable witch in the future. Living together with Mirai, her life become bright and a little more worrisome. While searching for the jewel "Link Stone Emerald" in the "No Magic" World, she met Mirai. Her alter ego is the legendary witch, Cure Magical whose theme color is purple.
CureFelice Main.jpg Ha-chan / Cure Felice
(JP) はーちゃん (Hā-chan)
(JP) Hayami Saori
Ha-chan is a mysterious baby-like fairy who lives within the Linkle Smartbook. Her alter ego is Cure Felice, whose theme color is green. Her true identity is Mother Rapapa's successor.


Character Voice actor


Character Voice actor

Supporting Characters

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  • This season is the only one in the franchise to have kanji in its title so far.
  • The Pretty Cure in this season are not known as legendary warriors, but as legendary witches instead.
  • Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! returns to the motif of the main Cures only being able to transform as a duo, after Futari wa Pretty Cure and its sequel Max Heart, Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and Suite Pretty Cure.
  • Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! is the first season where all three Cures of the show have a growth spurt when they transform into their Cure form.
    • However, Mahou Tsukai! is the second season overall where the Cures undergo a growth spurt during transformation after Doki Doki! Pretty Cure with Madoka Aguri to Cure Ace.
  • The Cures do not know the names of the villains, and instead, address them with a startled "It's you!" when they appear. In Futari wa Pretty Cure and its sequel season, the Cures didn't call their enemies by their names as well. But those antagonists did not introduce themselves and were shrouded in mystery, while the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! villains frequently mention their names.
  • Mofurun does not change into a device during the Cures' transformation and stays in her normal form instead. This was unique in merchandising as the mascot plush toy was also the transformation toy. The plush Mofurun toy was hugely popular in Japan and was the second most popular toy in 2016.
  • Mahou Tsukai! does not have a second Vocal Album. It is instead replaced by a Drama and Character Song Album.
  • Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! is the first season where a Cure from a different season makes a cameo appearance, with Ichika Usami from KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode appearing during the last episode.
  • The Cures along with Mofurun make a cameo appearance in the movie KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode: Paritto! Omoide no Mille-feuille!.
  • This is the first season of the entire franchise for which veteran scriptwriter Narita Yoshimi did not write any episodes.

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